Anatomy Lesson

Bartholomew_Marco dAgrate
St Bartholomew Flayed (Marco d’Agrate,1562)

Breath and fire

And bright blue barbed wire

And axe-blades and cisterns

And spindly pink pincers

And uneven bristles

And great granite thistles

And wrenches (or spanners)

And flat, drooping hammers

And sluggish red rivers

And cobwebbed quivers

And orbs upon stages

And whitewashed cages

And stained-glass globes

And a thin, tattered robe.

Inspired by the poems “1950s” and  “Before I Knocked” by Bill Manhire and Dylan Thomas, respectively. 




Photograph: Nasa/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute, taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.



Discard the gritty lump of clay,
And, instead, select another.
Fashion something Wholly New,
fashion something Wholly Other.

Retrieve the once-rejected mound
And put it back onto the Wheel
What of the New will it create?
What of the Other will it reveal?

It Is known
It Is beyond
It Is distant
And Intimate

We are dust,
We are ash,
We are breath,
We are breath,
With our backs against The Infinite.

Daily Prompt: Recreate

Inspired by The Liturgists’ Apophatic Meditation

Desperate Men


Desperate men cry “blood and soil!”
Slouching forward, torches in hand,
Desperate men cry “blood and soil!”
As though this truly is their land.

Desperate men cling to ages dark,
Their hands grasping at the air.
Desperate men are not noble
And they act from basic fear.

Desperate men are by freedom threatened,
By others’ existence, they feel confined.
Desperate men: cut from the same cloth
That renders Justice blind.