Parley, Please.

Gentlemen, sheath your savage knives!

Oh, so young is the day.

Let us, for once,

differences aside, peacefully parley.


There’s no shame in the flag of white!

I mean, that is to say,

We all deserve a brief respite

So please, let us parley.


For once, let tea flow

in place of blood

(or whiskey, if you’d prefer).

Let us our status remember

and to Generals defer.


Yes, I’m like you!

I’m a trench rat too!

Why, why do you ask?

I have so much to offer.

Here, take my silver flask!


Gentlemen, this rope is rather rough

and it cuts into my neck.

I’d rather not dangle at this height

and would sooner remain on deck.


Gentlemen, why do your savage knives

look particularly sharp to-day?

Please! Please! The day’s still young!

Please let us parley!


via Daily Prompt: Parlay

Yes, I’m aware that “parlay” and “parley” have different meanings.


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