Oscars Ahead! (Ep. 48)

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The following is a partial transcript of the 48th episode of popular pop culture talk show “Oscars Ahead!” with hosts Chuck Gudfanuthin and Amy Weersawig.

CHUCK: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m Chuck Gudfanuthin.

AMY: I’m Amy Weersawigg and…

CHUCK: and we’d like to welcome you to Oscars Ahead! The show that gives you a ringside seat at the bare-knuckle fight that is awards season!

AMY: Chuck, I think you know what we have to talk about.

CHUCK: Right you are, Amy. The Academy Awards are approaching and everyone down in Tinseltown will not stop talking about writer/director Oliver Stone’s latest film TRUMP. That’s T-R-U-M-P, all caps.

AMY: Capital letters for the man who rocked Capitol Hill.

CHUCK: Really? That’s the one you chose to go with?

AMY: I don’t write this stuff, Charles.

CHUCK: *ahem* this movie is a hard-hitting political drama with a cast to die for. Praise has been heaped on the entire ensemble, which includes Cate Blanchett as First Lady Melania Trump, John Goodman as Chief strategist Steve Bannon, Josh Brolin as VP Mike Pence and, of course, Alicia Vikander as the lovely, sensual Ivanka.

AMY: Really, Charles? You too?

CHUCK: I calls ‘em like I sees ‘em.

AMY: Much like the 45th President of the United States, played here by a heavily made-up Gary Oldman. A surprising casting choice, to say the least…

CHUCK: Indeed, Amy. But he’s really made the role his own. It’s hard to imagine anybody else on the part…

AMY: Meryl Streep?

CHUCK: Heh. I’m…ah, I’m sure I’m missing some big names from this wonderful cast. Whose performance made an impression on you, Amy?

AMY: I thought that Mae Whitman did a fantastic job as Tiffany Trump.


AMY:  Never mind. Jared Harris was incredible as Nigel Farage, even if his role was confined to three minutes of manic laughter.

CHUCK: And what a deep, patriotic mania it is was! Of course, this film was always going to cause controversy.

AMY: Mister Trump has already condemned the film with the words “BIASED!!”, “SAD!” and “NOT GOOD!”

CHUCK: I’m sure that the folks at home can hear you, Amy.

AMY: Just reading what was written, Charles.

CHUCK: We’d hoped to get a comment from Oliver Stone himself, but the provocative auteur is already working his next film, a remake of Riot in Cell Block 11. He’s currently on location in the delightful town of Gulag, Siberia.

AMY: Godspeed, Mister Stone…Godspeed.

CHUCK: Join us next week when we catch up with that cast and crew of Titanic II: Resubmergence!

AMY: Until then, goodnight, good luck and get out while you still can.




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