Trying To Look Ahead

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas (Caravaggio, circa 1601)

A new year has come

and you feel just the same

we’re just traveling ‘round the sun once again,

so put on your nicest smile

and wear it for a while.

Your guests are here,

don’t give away the game.


There are so many things that you can’t control.

In a crowded room, you are a lonely soul.

The phrase “new year, new you”

just doesn’t feel true,

a new you

wouldn’t feel whole.


Raise your glass, it’s a weary Jubilee.

Instead of renewal,

there’s an opportunity

to live a different way,

which is an easy thing to say,

in the face of a new day

in which To Be.


Look at the Aryan Jesus in the church,

does it feel like he’s left you

in the lurch?

God should really be defined

as all-seeing

not colour-blind

for He’s a King that walks beside you

as you search.


Look at the “graven image” on the wall,

the bloodied crucifix says it all:

God is in it with us,

He doesn’t just forgive us

and all that’s left is to answer

the call.


Raise your glass, it’s a weary Jubilee.

You’ve gained the higher ground

and you can see

the forces gather on the plain

to do battle once again.

Will you stand and fight

or turn and flee?


You wish your role was easy to define,

left alone by forces natural and divine

but the universe is vast,

much larger than your past,

and you’ll be greeted by both chance

and Design.


When your favourite hymn fades into refrain

and the sacred blurs, becomes profane,

remember to stand upright

and look toward the Light

to lead you out of Darkness once again.


Raise your glass, it’s a weary Jubilee.

This year could be different

(just wait and see).

You don’t have to force a smile,

just come and sit awhile,

before we all take down

the Christmas tree.


Like ‘Broken Vessel Blues’, this piece owes a debt to the great Leonard Cohen (specifically his song ‘Treaty’).


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