Idolatry ( a poem about cats)


Return my embrace, human

For it is plain to see

That I, the household deity,

Should be your first priority.

How dare you turn away from me!

That’s idolatry!


Continue to pet me, human

And, should you try to pause,

I’ll have to use these little claws

To return your gaze to me.

To look upon another

Is rank idolatry!


Come, my dear human,

And see what I have here:

I have killed the fattest sparrow

For you and I to share!

Why do you dishonour me

By throwing it away?

I don’t know what to say!

I’ll punish you

And you will see

that was idolatry!


I require your attention every day

And all hours of the night.

Of all the ancient kingdoms

The Egyptians got it right

For I am Baast the cat-god

Bow before my might!

It is awfully plain to see

That to love another

And not me

Is certainly




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