The Knot in the Angel’s Stomach



The Mystical Nativity (Sandro Botticelli, circa 1500)


Gabriel was nervous

and, though this wasn’t his first foray

into the realm of mortals,

he knelt down to pray;

“Why has the Lord elected

To leave His Eternal Throne?”

For the first time in his long career

Gabriel felt alone.


When Gabriel visited the Maiden

and relayed what she was to do

He used a strong voice, for she couldn’t know

that he was nervous too.


Months passed. His stomach was a twisted knot,

and his celestial feet unstable.

He tried to summon his wings for flight

and found himself unable,

so he walked ‘round the countryside

and re-joined the choir

while they scoured the barren fields

for shepherds to inspire.


But when it was time to sing ‘Glory to God,’

poor Gabe was left tongue-tied.

When he tried to sing the nasty knot

twisted tighter inside.


He mumbled the most important words

and his voice landed off-key.

The angel was so humiliated!

All the world could see!

It was a blessing when the song ended

and the Host took flight,

all Gabriel wanted  was to disappear

under the cover of night.


He slunk to the back of the group

and followed them to the Inn

where the scars of old could be forgot

and new life could begin.


When they reached the cradle

of the once-and-future King,

Gabriel regained his voice

and began to sing;

The Eternal Throne remained on high

and needed no defence,

the small Incarnate Child was no cause for offence

and although, inside his stomach,

the nervous knot remained,

Gabriel began to laugh

for he was unafraid.

 Thank you for reading. Have a Merry Christmas!


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