Father Ted (Hat Trick Productions, 1995-1998)



Injustice is a presence

that numbs what should provoke.

Post-God, post-truth, post-empathy:

Language goes up in smoke.

To care is to be discontent

With the latest designer yoke

but no, we’re just ‘sensitive youths’

who can’t take a joke.


Last years scars become this year’s scabs

exposed  in the open air

when the scabs become calloused,

the people  insist

that the scars were always there.

We  can’t complain . The World is cruel

and life has never been fair.


If you make the simple choice

to stand, to stand and raise your voice

you’ve  taken it too far

“Why can’t you accept that’s the way things are?”

One shouldn’t show such rage

until one reaches a certain age.


Soon you’ll accept

that what you tried to reject

is what made this country great

and retire to the ranks of protestors past

who did too little, too late.




via Daily Prompt: Protest


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