Everyday Apocalypse



The world will not end with a whimper

because whimpering implies fear

and, to truly be afraid,

one truly has to care.

The ocean turns to acid

and  the bees disappear.

Melodrama will be the death of me

O apathy, apathy!


We cover ourselves with paint and skins

and forget that we’re made of mud

drinking and merrymaking

like they did before the Flood.

The Nephilim roamed the earth back then,

with fire in their blood,

they had no say

when they were swept away.


The greybeard on the corner

likes to say that the end is nigh

and, if you look at the paper,

you’ll see that he doesn’t lie.

He survived Millennium’s end, you know

when Reds dropped outta the sky.

His Muse is a  real talker

who goes by  ‘Doctor’ Walker.


The world ends every day

and the culprits are in plain sight

some people look to the Supermoon,

others for thieves in the night.

There are so many predictions

and  not one is right

for the world ended yesterday,

around 8 o’clock last night.

Look at the ground,

ignore the trumpet sound.


This piece revisits some of the imagery and ideas that  I explored in  Apocalypse Postponed.










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