The most moralistic tabloids

are the most likely to sell

because they provide us with  satisfaction

as we frown at ‘moral hell.’


“Observe, the House of Jolie falls!

It really is too bad.

Angie wouldn’t have these problems

if she hadn’t stolen Brad!

The drama’s too much for the children,

and it’s really rather sad.”


“The most terrible thing that one can do

in this day and age

is take a naked selfie

and post it on one’s page.

Kim K should really cover up,

She’s starting to show her age,

and her new picture (found herein)

does fill one one with rage.”


“Because we know that  celebrity news

can be such a frightful bore,

we have included a touching tale

about The Girl Next Door.

Once, she was a failure:

overweight, drab and quiet,

but her life has been turned around

thanks to the Paleo diet!”


The tabloids tell us how to think

and twist the way we feel.

Their headlines explain what is good and right,

and their pictures define what’s real.



via Daily Prompt: Elicit


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