The Devil



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The Devil we know is handsome,

flamboyant and very  showy.

Milton’s looked like a noble  prince

and Gaiman’s looks like Bowie.


But  when the Enemy strikes with a greasy fist

his nature becomes defined;

he is, foremost, an opportunist

and not a mastermind.


The Serpent is a slippery beast,

prone to every vice and lust.

Ever since the Garden,

he’s been crawling through the dust.


Beelzebub is a con-man,

too keen to make the sale.

There are second-hand cars on the highway to hell

and they very often fail.


Lucifer is petty,

rage is his first resort.

He is filled with fury,

for he knows his time is short.



This poem was inspiried by a 2011 piece by philosopher/theologian David Bentley Hart.





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