Apocalypse Postponed.

When the Apocalypse occured

A stillness was in the air.

The New Jerusalem descended

And no one seemed to care.


One man did look up

and was labelled a fanatic

And Death, with Hell following him?

He got caught in traffic.


Cans of Raid were used

to stop the plagues of locusts swarming.

“Poisoned oceans and dead fish?

It’s obviously Global Warming.”


The banks remained open

and  the stocks remained in play

While The Four Horsemen were investigated

By the RSPCA


The Two Witnesses went unheard

And became extremely bitter.

They had few followers on the ground

Because they weren’t on Twitter.


The verdict on the Antichrist?

“He’s really such a bore.

Servitude is not for me,

It sounds like such a chore.”


The property market took a hit,

But it recovered well-

New homeowners soon learnt to bear

The unpleasant sulphur smell.


When the Apocalypse occurred,

And no one seemed to care

The Archangel simply sighed,

“We’ll try again next year.”


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